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Licit and Illicit Drug Use in the Netherlands, 1997


Author: Manja Abraham, Peter Cohen, Roelf-Jan van Til, Mariëlle de Winter
Pages: 174
Language: English
Date: 1999
ISBN 90 5330 279 4
Price: € 20


For the first time in the history of Dutch national drug policy, we have access to reliable and detailed national drug use data. In this report, the data of the 1997 national study on drug use among the population of 12 years and older in the Netherlands, are published. The figures are based on self-reported data. Almost 22,00 respondents were questioned face-to-face about lifestyle and the use of licit and illicit drugs. Drugs included in the study are: tobacco, alcohol, hypnotics, sedatives, cannabis, inhalants, cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy, hallucinogens, mushrooms, opiates such as heroin and codeine, and doping. The survey is designed by CEDRO in co-operation with Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS).

The national survey on licit and illicit drug use is a nationally representative survey, covering all persons in the Municipal Population Registry of the Netherlands, recorded on January 1st 1997 and aged 12 and older (for Utrecht this date is January 1st 1996). In this report we give an outline of 'average' drug use prevalence in the Netherlands as a whole, and drug use prevalence for the four large cities and the five population density strata separately.

Manja Abraham, Peter Cohen are researchers at the Centre for Drug Research (CEDRO) of the University of Amsterdam. Roelf-Jan van Til and Mariëlle de Winter were researchers at CEDRO during the survey.

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