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Abraham, Manja D., Hendrien L. Kaal, & Peter D.A. Cohen (2002), Licit and illicit drug use in the Netherlands 2001. Amsterdam: CEDRO/Mets en Schilt. Pp. 243-286.
© Copyright 2002 CEDRO Centrum voor Drugsonderzoek.

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Licit and illicit drug use in the Netherlands 2001


Manja D. Abraham, Hendrien L. Kaal, & Peter D.A. Cohen

Appendix A: Letters of Invitation

Appendix B: Questionnaire


The lay-out of the questionnaire presented here is not identical to the one used for the main survey. The questionnaire in its final lay-out was an A4 booklet and utilised a colourful routing system which cannot be reprinted here.

Appencix C: Non-response Questionnaire

Appendix D: Weights


Weights were assigned by ratio of population figures. Conform the sample set-up, weights were determined in two steps. First, each stratum was assigned a weight. Next, for each sample, respondents were given a weight based on the combination of gender, age and marital status. The final weights were obtained by multiplying the 'strata' weights (given in table d.1) by the 'respondents' weights (given in table d.2 to d.8).

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