Cohen, Peter (1989), Cocaine use in Amsterdam in non-deviant subcultures. In: Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam. pp. 82-100.
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3. Level of use through time - Notes

Peter Cohen

  1. Personal communication from Erickson.
  2. Chitwood's cut-off points as quoted above are the ones he mentions in his article "Patterns and Consequences of Cocaine Use" (1985). These cut-off points, however, do not cover the whole variety of patterns of cocaine use. Morningstar and Chitwood (1983) developed a thirteen point scale, containing dosage, frequency and route of ingestion, which does cover all the possible varieties of cocaine use. The cut-off points in Chitwoods 1985 article are a summary of this scale. In Table 3.5.a the thirteen point scale has been used.
  3. In this Table L, M, H and O stand for Low, Medium, High and Zero Use. So LLO means Low in first year, Low in top period, Zero use at last 3 months. Etcetera.
    Unfortunately we didn't ask the respondents who hadn't used cocaine during the last three months, when was the last occasion when they did use. For these respondents we couldn't assess exactly the length of their cocaine using career, but we approximated this by supposing their last occasion wasn't longer than one year ago. In Table 3.5.c these respondents' estimates are accompanied by a question-mark.