Cohen, Peter (1989), Cocaine use in Amsterdam In non-deviant subcultures. In: Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam. pp. 153-162.
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12. Opinions, advice and cocaine policy - Notes

Peter Cohen

  1. Nine respondents consider nose-rinsing as a preventive measure against the risk of damaging the nasal sceptum. This damage however, which can occur with very frequent intra-nasal use due to constant vasoconstriction of local tiny blood vessels, can not be sufficiently prevented with nose-rinsing. For a heavy (intra-nasal) user a more effective prevention would be not to always snort cocaine hydrochloride, but to apply it alternately under the tongue, or inside the cheeks.
  2. Erickson, personal communication.