Cohen, Peter (1990), Is heroin dependence pathological?. In: Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam. pp. 32-43.
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IV. Is heroin dependence pathological? - Notes

Peter Cohen

  1. This text was earlier published in Dutch in: Maandblad Geestelijke Volksgezondheid, Utrecht 1984, (2) p. 115-126 and as "Contro il trattamento della dipendenza da eroina" in Quaderni Piacentini, Milano 1984, (12) p. 197-210.
  2. At the time of writing a number of 8000 addicts was assumed to be correct. Since then sophisticated methods to estimate number of `drug addicts' have been used, resulting in much lower estimates of approx. 3200 dutch resident addicts and a -- summer season -- maximum of 1800 foreign addicts in 1990.