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The Centre for Drug Research has been discontinued
The Centre for Drug Research ceased to exist as an independent drug research institution per january 2004 and proceeded to finnish ongoing projects and articles. Most of the CEDRO work (theoretical and epidemiological) is published on the CEDRO website. The CEDRO website also has many publications of which many translated to major languages on drug use careers, drug policy, and the politics of knowledge construction about drugs and its history. These articles are authored by former CEDRO staff or guest researchers, as by authors considerd intereresting. The website will remain maintained. Questions about visits or research opportunities will have to be turned down.

What's new

Tien Jaar Spuiten en Slikken
De emancipatie van ‘afhankelijkheid’. Angst voor ‘verslaving’ kan verminderen
The emancipation of ‘dependency’. There is good reason to be less fearful of ‘addiction’
Het regelen van de ‘achterdeur’ van coffeeshops. Onderzoek naar juridische belemmeringen.
La política de drogas ajena a toda racionalidad. La judicialización del festival de música Rototom en Italia.
Politica delle droga come Liberta 'dalla razionalita'. L'incriminazione del festival musicale Rototom in Italia
Less THC, more public health?
Drug Policy as Freedom from Rationality. The prosecution of the Rototom music festival in Italy.
Les politiques de drogue exemptées de toute rationalité – Les poursuites judiciaires contre le festival de musique de Rototom en Italie


Last update: February 24, 2020